Pectin (Technical Grade)

Pectin (Technical Grade)



Pectin (Technical Grade)

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AF 701; AP 40; AS 511; Amid CS 005; BIG-J; Beta BI-J; Beta-Pectin; Cesapectin; Classic AF 501; Classic AM 201; Classic Cu 701; Colyer Pectin; D 225; D-D Slowset; E 440; E 440a; Fluka 7682; GelSite; Genu 8003; Genu Beta Pectin; Genu JMJ 100; Genu Pectin; Genu Pectin 121J; Genu Pectin 121J Slow Set; Genu Pectin A; Genu Pectin BIG-J; Genu Pectin DD Slow Set J; Genu Pectin DSS; Genu Pectin L 200; Genu Pectin LM 101AS; Genu Pectin LM 104AS; Genu Pectin LM 104AS-FS; Genu Pectin LM 104AS-J; Genu Pectin LM 105AS; Genu Pectin LM 105S; Genu Pectin LM 18; Genu Pectin LM 18CG-Z; Genu Pectin LM 85AS; Genu Pectin USP-H; Genu Pectin X 0905; Genu Pectin YM 100; Genu Pectin YM 150J; Genu pHresh DF; Genu Pectin HM-USP-H; Genu Pectin LM 12CG; Genu Pectin LM5 CS; Genue LM 12CG; H&F Pectin Classic AF 701; H&F Pectin Classic CU 701; HMP RS400; Herbacel Citrus Fiber; JMJ-J; LM 101AS-J; LM 102AS; LM 104AS-FS; LM 104AS-J; LM 12CG-Z; LMNA/P 3450NA95; LNSN 325; MCP; Marpee NL; Marpee OM; Methoxypectin; Methyl Pectin; Methyl Pectinate; MexPec 1200; MexPec 1400; MexPec 1500; Mexpectin XSS 100; NCB-PE 40; Neosoft P; Newgelin LP 4; OB 700; OF 305; OXPEC; PE 2006MB1; PG 717CS; Pectin 1694; Pectin Classic CU 701; Pectin D 210; Pectin JM 150JN; Pectinate; Pectinic Acid; Pectins; Pecto; Pepidol PEG; Pomelite Lv; Pomosin LM 12; Pomosin LM 12CG-Z; Red Ribbon 3G; SM 478; Sango-stop; Slendid 120; Slendid 200; Slendid L 200; Splendid; TIC 1200; TIC Pretested Pectin 1460 Powder; TIC Pretested Pre-hydrated 1694 Powder; USP 100; Unipectin; Unipectin AYD 30; Unipectin OB 70; Unipectine 150RS150C; Unipectine 3450NA95; Unipectine 903; Unipectine AMP 285; Unipectine AYD 30T; Unipectine AYD 358; Unipectine LM OF 300C; Unipectine MRS 150; Unipectine OF 463; Unipectine RS 150° SAG; Unipectine RS ND; Unipectine SS 150; Unipectine SS-ND; VIS TOP D 2122; VIS TOP D 2250; X 939-04X; YM 115H; YM 115LJ; YM 15LJ

Chemical's main applications

Pectin, is a gelatinous polysaccharide that is found in fruits and is extracted for the purpose of creating jams and jellies. In biological studies, pectin from apple and citrus is used to influence potential feed supplements on in vitro total gas production and rumen methanogensis.

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Carbohydrates & Derivatives

Melting temperature

193-196°C (dec.)

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No Data Available

Stability conditions

No Data Available

Physical properties

Pale Beige Solid


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