Alginic Acid Sodium Salt, Technical Grade

Alginic Acid Sodium Salt, Technical Grade



Alginic Acid Sodium Salt, Technical Grade

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Other name

Soidum Alginate; 1-3F (polysaccharide); A 2158; A 7C618; Algin; Algin (polysaccharide); Algin ML; Algin gum; Alginat NV 10; Alginate DPB; Alginate FD 155; Alginate FD 170; Alginate FD 175; Alginate KMF; Alginate KTHV; Alginate LBA; Alginate TBVV/N 2; Algipon L 1168; Algitex C-LL; Algitex F 5LL; Algitex H; Algitex I 3G; Algitex L; Algitex LL; Algitex M; Algogel 3001; Algogel 3031; Algogel 6020; Algogel 6021; Algogel DPG JO; Algogel HV; Algogel LV; Algogel MV; Algogel MVP; Algogel MVR; Algogel SG 150; Alloid; Alloid G; Alman; Alroid-G; Alto; Amnucol; Antimigrant C 45; Ascophyllum; CHT Alginate EHV; CHT Alginate MV; Cecalginate HV 600; Cecalginate HV/KL 600; Cecalgine TBV; Cecalgum S 1300; Cohasal IH; Darid QH; Dariloid QH; Dialgin HV; Dialgin LV 100; Duck Algin; Duck Algin 150; Duck Algin 150G; Duck Algin 150M; Duck Algin EX 30; Duck Algin FF-SL 10; Duck Algin NSPH; Duck Algin NSPH 2; Duck Algin NSPL; Duck Algin NSPLL; Duck Algin NSPM; Duck Algin S; Duck Algin SL 20; Duckalgin NSPHH; E 401; EHV; EX 22; EcoAlgin MS; FD Algin BL; Flavicam; GMB; GMB (alginate); Grindsted Alginate FD 120; Grindsted FD 175; Grindsted PH 150; Grindsted PH 155; Grindsted PH 157; Grindsted PH 170; Grindsted PH 175; Grindsted PHU 156; Halltex; I 5; IL 2; IL 2 (polysaccharide); Inagel GS 70; Kelco Gel HV; Kelco Gel LV; Kelco LVCR; Kelcosol; Kelcosol NF; Kelgin; Kelgin F; Kelgin HV; Kelgin LB; Kelgin LV; Kelgin MV; Kelgin QH; Kelgin QM; Kelgin RL; Kelgin XL; Kelp Algin L; Kelp Algin ML; Kelp Algin SL; Kelset; Kelsize; Keltex;

Chemical's main applications

Alginic Acid Sodium Salt, can be used as a flavorless gum. It is used by the foods industry to increase viscosity and as an emulsifier. It is also used in indigestion tablets and the preparation of dental impressions.

Chemical's category

Carbohydrates & Derivatives, Miscellaneous Reagents,

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Melting temperature

216-227°C (dec.)

Boiling temperature

No Data Available

Stability conditions

No Data Available

Physical properties

Off-White Solid



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