Dextran (Technical Grade~ 10K)

Dextran (Technical Grade~ 10K)



Dextran (Technical Grade~ 10K)

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Dextrans; Dextranen; Dextraven; Eudextran; Expandex; Gentran; Hemodex; Hyscon; Hyskon; Infucoll; Intrader; Intradex; LMD; LMWD; LVD; Macrodex; Macrose; Oncovertin N; Onkotin; PL 1S; Plasmafusin; Plasmodex; Plavolex; Polyglucin; Polyglusol; Promit; Rheodextran; Rheoisodex; Rheomacrodex; Rheopolyglucin; Rheopolyglucine; Rheorondex; Rheotran; Rondex; Serva G; Ultradex; α-Dextran; Dextran 20000; Dextran PL 1S; Dextran PVD; Dextran RMI;

Chemical's main applications

Dextran is a polysaccharide composed of glucose molecules used as an antithrombotic to reduce blood viscosity and as a volume expander in anemia. Studies show that it inhibits the mannose receptor-mediated clearance of tissue-type plasminogen activator (t-PA).

Chemical's category

Carbohydrates & Derivatives, Inhibitors, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals,

Chemical's soluble in

Aqueous Base (Slightly), Water (Slightly)

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No Data Available

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Room Temperature

Melting temperature

>231°C (dec.)

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White Solid

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