Azo Rubine (Technical Grade)

Azo Rubine (Technical Grade)



Azo Rubine (Technical Grade)

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C.I. Acid Red 14, Disodium Salt (8CI); 11959 Red; AR 14; Acid Brilliant Rubine 2G; Acid Carmosine S; Acid Chrome Blue 2R; Acid Chrome Blue BA; Acid Chrome Blue BA-CF; Acid Chrome Blue FBS; Acid Fast Red FB; Acid Naphthol Red B; Acid Red 14; Acid Red 2S; Acid Red B; Acid Red B (Chinese); Acid Rubine; Acid Violet Red; Acidic Red B; Airedale Carmoisine; Amacid Carmoisine B; Amacid Chrome Blue R; Amaranth 36028; Azo Rubin Extra; Azo Rubine LZ; Azo Rubine S; Azo Rubine S Specially Pure; Azo Rubine XX; Azo Rubine for Food; Azorubin; Basovit Red 440E; Brasilan Azo Rubine 2NS; Brilliant Acid Rubine M; Brilliant Carmoisine; Brilliant Crimson 2R-FQ; Brilliant Crimson Red; Bucacid Azo Rubine; C.I. 14720; C.I. Acid Red 14; C.I. Food Red 3; C.I. Mordant Blue 79; Calcocid Rubine XX; Carmoisine; Carmoisine 206; Carmoisine 36011; Carmoisine 36025; Carmoisine 90141; Carmoisine A; Carmoisine B; Carmoisine BA-CF; Carmoisine GRN; Carmoisine LAS; Carmoisine S; Carmoisine W; Carmoisine WNN 19153; Carmoisine azorubine; Certicol Carmoisine S; Chrome Fast Blue 2R; Chromotrope FB; Cilefa Rubine R; Cogilor Red 319.11; Cogilor Red 319.11-90022; Colorosacid Red 2B; Conacid Red AD; Crimson 2EMBL; Crimson EMBL; Diadem Chrome Blue G; Diadem Chrome Blue R; Dinacid Crystal Red A; Disodium 2-(4-sulfo-1-naphthylazo)-1-naphthol-4-sulfonate; Dyacid Red W; Dycosacid Red B; Dynacid Red C; E 122; Edicol Supra Carmoisine W; Edicol Supra Carmoisine WS; Eniacid Brilliant Rubine 3B; Erio Rubine B; Eurocert Azorubine; Eurocert Carmoisine 311804; Ext D and C Red No. 10; Fenazo Red C; Food red 3; Fruit Red A Extra Yellowish Geigy; HD Carmoisine; HD Carmoisine Supra; Hexacol Carmoisine; Hidacid Azo Rubine; Hispacid Rubine F; Java Rubine N; Karmesin; Kemacid Carmosine WS; Kenachrome Blue 2R; Kiton Crimson 2R; Kiton Rubine R; Lighthouse Chrome Blue 2R; Lissamine Red W; Nacarat; Nacarat A Export; Nacarat Extra Pure A; Necol Carmoisine; Neelicol Carmoisine; Neklacid Azorubine W; Omega Chrome Blue FB; Pontacyl Rubine R; PuriColor Red ARE 14; Rubine B; Sicovit Azorubine 85E122; Solar Rubine; Solochrome Blue FB; Tertracid Red CA; Tertrochrome Blue FB; Triacid Rubine WS; Water Red 176554; Water Red 176573; 4-Hydroxy-3-[2-(4-sulfo-1-naphthalenyl)diazenyl]-1-naphthalenesulfonic Acid Sodium Salt;

Chemical's main applications

Azo Rubine is an synthetic red food dye and is used for the purposes where food is heat-treated after fermentation.

Chemical's category

Aromatics, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates & Fine Chemicals, Sulfur & Selenium Compounds

Chemical's soluble in

Methanol (Slightly), Water (Slightly)

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Amber Vial, Refrigerator

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Dark Red Solid

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