Chitin-13CX, Practical Grade

Chitin-13CX, Practical Grade



Chitin-13CX, Practical Grade

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Poly-(1-4)-β-N-acetyl-D-glucosamine-13CX,; C 7170-13CX,; N-Acetylchitan-13CX,; Chitin Tc-L-13CX,; ChitoRem SC 20-13CX,; ChitoRem SC 80-13CX,; Clandosan-13CX,; Kimica Chitin F-13CX,; Kimitsu Chitin-13CX,; North Chitin CG 2-13CX,; Regitex FA; SEC 1-13CX,; α-Chitin-13CX,; β-Chitin-13CX,; γ-Chitin-13CX,;

Chemical's main applications

Labelled Chitin. A naturally occuring fibre found in the shells of shellfish. Used for the analysis of Chitinase.

Chemical's category

Oligosaccharides, Isotope Labelled Compounds

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